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Stimulus to Engage

Biology Stimulus to Engage provides a list of resources covering many areas of the Biology curriculum. These resources can stimulate the students interest in, and understanding of, certain investigations.

Human body
Google Browse the Human Body

The human body is given the Google Earth treatment. Looks really well when projected. Has to be used with Google Chrome browser.

Diagram of a cell
The size of cells

A really good introduction to the relative sizes of objects and different cell types from the University of Utah. Great visuals.

The Eye

A demonstration of the dissection of a cow's eye.

Human Biology

A fantastic collection of images and short clips from all areas of human biology. Really stimulating!


Discover the sneaky tactics that plants use for pollination. Some trick insects into assisting them, some have extremely small light pollen which spreads on the breeze, and some even fertilize themselves if there are no other prospects nearby.

Nervous System

How your brain receives messages and issues orders via the nervous system.


CirculationThe circulatory system takes your blood cells on a round trip from the heart, through the arteries, to the capillaries, and back through the veins, into the lungs where they pick up more oxygen, before eventually coming back to the heart, and starting the whole process again.

The Heart and Circulation

See exactly how the heart works to pump blood around the body and into the lungs. Part of this process involves trap doors called valves which allow the blood to pass in only one direction.

Plant and Animal Cells

This is a rap about the parts and properties of plant and animal cells, with a homemade animation.


There is a vast floating garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean. Twice the size of Texas, it’s poisoning the sea, and getting into the food chain.

The Microscope

Check out some of the best microscope photography in the world. These pictures, chosen for both their scientific and artistic merit include tiny marine diatoms, curling protein filaments, and an extreme close-up of the common house fly.

Skeletal system

You'll find lots of links to information about the human skeletal system here.


A worrying and stark example of what can happen when non-native species are introduced to an eco-system. In this case, carp in America’s the Mississippi river system.


A detailed animation of a beating heart.

Circulatory System

A rap about Circulation and Respiration, by Puffed-out Daddy.

Biology - Natural Selection

Explore natural selection by controlling the environment and causing mutations in bunny rabbits in these java applications from the University of Colorado.


Photosynthesis explained in this hum-along song!

Heart and Circulation

A simple video showing how the heart works.

Bacteria Reproduction

A short and numerically impressive clip at how rapidly bacteria can divide.

Digestive System

A funky musical take on how an apple moves through the digestive system.


The photosynthesis rap gets into the nitty gritty of the chemical reactions which occur during photosynthesis and how it affects the food web.

Heart Transplant

Perform cartoon heart surgery. Use the scalpel, surgical saw, rib spreaders, clamps and needle to complete a heart transplant.

Human body

Take a tour of the human brain, the skeleton, the heart and the digestive tract, with each part of the anatomy carefully labeled.

The endcocrine system

How does your body know when to release hormones? Hormones are controlled by eight different glands throughout the body called the endocrine system.


See how green plants combine CO2 from the air with H2O from the soil, creating O2 for us to breath, and C6H12O6 (or glucose) for themselves.

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