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Exemplar Frameworks

Biology Exemplar Frameworks are provided for a number of different areas of the Junior Cert. Science Biology syllabus such as Diet, Food and Exercise.

Exemplar Framework B12: Plant reproduction OB51-58
Download pdf 234 KB
Exemplar Framework B11: Breathing/Respiration OB9,10,11,16,17
Download pdf 192 KB
Exemplar Framework B10: The Sensory System OB28,29,30
Download pdf 335 KB
Exemplar Framework B9: Microbiology OB65-OB67
Download pdf 276 KB
Exemplar Framework B8: Skeletal and Muscular systems OB24-OB27
Download pdf 199 KB
Framework B7
Exemplar Framework B7: Investigating Food OB1 – OB5

Suitable for first years of a mixed ability, assumes a prior knowledge of Energy, Diet & healthy eating. This is an excellent area to show that doing science has real life connections. We can gather evidence to create a good way of living for ourselves. Allow students to control something based on their own research and findings.

Download pdf 1 MB OB1 - OB5
Framework B6
Exemplar Framework B6: Investigating Diet and the Food Pyramid OB1, OB2

Suitable for first year students with a prior knowledge of day to day food habits

Download pdf 272 KB OB1, OB2
Framework B5
Exemplar Framework B5: Investigating Plant Tropisms OB50

Suitable for second year students with a prior knowledge of OB39; be able to classify living organisms as plants or animals, & OB45; identify the main parts of a typical flowering plant and their functions: the root, stem, leaf and flower.

Download pdf 193 KB OB50
Framework B4
Exemplar Framework B4: Investigating the conditions necessary for germinationOB57, OB58

Suitable for first years of mixed ability. Students will have studied plant structure, pollination and fertilisation.

Download pdf 143 KB OB57, OB58
Framework B3
Exemplar Framework B3: Investigating a habitat OB59, OB60

Suitable for second year students. Students will have used the sensors to record room temperature, ph concentration, humidity of the air and light intensity. Students will be able to read data and present the data in graph form.

Download pdf 147 KB OB59, OB60
Framework B2
Exemplar Framework B2: Investigating the effects of exercise OB16

Suitable for first year students. Prior to this activity students should be aware of the following facts; the heart pumps blood carrying oxygen and digested food to all parts of the body, and food is a chemical energy needed for all the body’s activities.

Download pdf 121 KB OB16
Framework B1
Exemplar Framework B1: Investigating the conversion of chemical energy in food, to heat energy OB5

Suitable for first year students. Prior to this activity students should have prior knowledge of; measurement of temperature, mass, volume and units of same, the difference between heat and temperature, and Energy.

Download pdf 178 KB OB5

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