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DS Framework

The "Inquiry Based Teaching and Learning Framework" has been developed  by a group of Discover Sensor facilitators & teachers working with science education specialists.

The  Framework is designed to be used in the planning and teaching of a topic, or theme, on the syllabus.  In the "RESOURCES" section of this website, you will find a range of Exemplar Frameworks  which have been created by participating teachers using the "Inquiry Based Teaching and Learning Framework".

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What is the Discover Sensors Framework?

Inquiry based learning is a form of active learning. It is an umbrella term which encompasses a range of teaching approaches, involving the stimulating of learning with a question or issue and thereby engaging learners in constructing new knowledge and understanding (Spronken-Smith et al., 2012). There are many levels of questioning used in assessing the progress of the students for knowledge, understanding and analysis.
The Discover Sensors Framework incorporates these elements in its structure.The article sets out to explain the various elements of the Framework.

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The Investigative Approach

Science involves many activities; investigation is one of the most important. The core of any investigation is the method or process. Applying an investigative approach to the teaching of science allows the learner to develop a deeper understanding of the subject and makes good use of the Scientific Method.

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